Canon Printer Setup

Canon Incorporation is a Japanese multinational company which manufacture the products like cameras, printers and photocopiers etc. Its headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Canon printers are used to make a persistent representation of laser, it gives perfect quality print, it uses it to give the prints of best quality.

Troubleshooting: There are some easy steps to solve the problem of canon printers which are given below:

  • See if the printer indicator lights are flashing in other pattern, if so, then there’s problem

  • Make sure your cable is connected
  • Restart your computer and start print, if the print is not in good conditions then

  • Open the control panel and click on the control and fax, then click on add the printer
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

  • Again open the properties and click on test alignment and print the document to see if its ok or not.

Canon Printer Setup

The canon printers are really best printers, as they fulfill all your dream work.

We provide solutions & services for the following Canon printers:

  • Canon-Pixma Printer
  • Canon-Printer
  • Canon Selphy Printer
  • Canon image class Printer
  • Inkjet Single Function
  • Laser Single Function
  • Inkjet Multifunction
  • Black and White laser
  • Color Laser
  • Mobile & Compact Printer
  • Crafting Printers
  • Small Office / Home Office Printers
  • MegaTank Inkjet Printers

All Services Under One Roof For Canon Printer

123 Setup Printer is an independent service provider, we have all in one solution for the canon printer like install the canon printer driver, connect canon printer to wifi, If the printer is not working properly, or any other specific issue you are facing with Canon printer installation.

Let us give you a detailed visit of all the services we provide:


We provide multiple services including:

Let us discuss the services in detail what we have to offer you for better user experience:

1)Install & Update Canon Printer Driver :

Like all the printer manufacturers Canon also periodically releases updates that are necessary to download after a specific period of time. These updates are there to encounter the problems and update the features and user experience.

Steps To Update Your Current Canon Printer Driver:

Step1: Login to the computer system with the printer server where the current driver is installed or with the physical printer.

Step2: Click start type windows update in a simple way and click on to the latest update popped up on the screen.

Step3: Click the checkbox next to the Canon driver, then click “OK” and “Install updates.” Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

If you are facing issues with the Canon printer driver update you can reach out to us on our toll-free customer support (given below), we can perform this task for you in no time.

2) Canon Wireless Printer Setup:

The most convenient method of connectivity in today’s time is Wireless connectivity. We will help you with the different methods of connecting the canon printer to Wi-Fi all you need to do is connect us at the toll-free number or the e-mail (given below) and follow the steps to establish the connection.

Here I am sharing a small guide of how you can connect canon printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Make sure you have your printer connected to the power board.
  • Press the setting button>Arrow button>device setting>OK.
  • Press the arrow button till you find the LAN Setting once you find it press OK.
  • The printer will start looking for WiFi. If the searching takes too long you can Press stop>wireless LAN setup>standard setup>OK.
  • Press the arrow button till you find the WiFi once you find it press OK.
  • Enter the password then press OK.

3) If your Canon printer is not working properly:

If your Canon printer is acting oddly then there might be two notifications:

  • It will not print at all.
  • Random error popups.

There may be various reasons for your Canon printer not working properly we will provide you with the best in class services to troubleshoot this problem and also we will provide you with some useful information so that if anytime you have such an issue you can solve it easily.

Here are some common solutions I am sharing for small printer errors:

  • Make sure your printer cable is connected
  • If it is showing error pop-ups, again and again, restart your computer and try to print.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

There might be various other errors which require special troubleshooting for which you can trust 123 Setup Printer as the best service providers in the industry.

You can connect with us at our canon support number +1800-937-0172

and ask for any type of guidance any time you can also reach out to us via mail at [email protected] We at 123 Setup Printer are committed to providing you with solutions for all your problems.