Configure Brother Printer Setup & Print

Its one of the best feeling ever to unbox a new printer, Well we at are after all the printer Geeks.

Start with the tough operation of opening the box, going through the plastic wrapping of your Brother Printer, the packaging is impressive with lots of information to digest on the box. its easy to connect brother printer to computer or mobile device.

Remove all the plastic and thermocol packaging, freeing the Brother Printer from its box and place it on a stable surface.

Reading the Instructional manual once is a good habit to have, just going through a glance can give you a lot of information on using and configuring your new Printer.

Unbox carefully, keeping all the small parts in the box safely for any future use.

Plugging in your Brother Printer to a power outlet and let it complete the start up process.

Once all the activity on your Brother Printer stops connect it to your device either thru a USB Cable provided in the box or via a Wi fi connection, once the printer is connected.

Download the Brother Printing or iPrint&Scan app on your device.

Logon to the App and select your Brother Printer from the list of available printers and you are good to go ‘Happy Printing’. This concludes our brother printer setup & installation process.

Still Facing Issue with your Brother Printer no problem we’ve got you covered visit us at :

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Or call us at our Toll free No. 1 (800) 937 0172

For any of your printer queries our team of experts are always available, our reasonable prices and fast turnaround times will keep your Printer downtime to the lowest

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