How to Fix Paper Jam Problems

Are you Facing Paper Jam Problems?

Check for jammed papers inside the printer and try to solve the issue. Get simple and quick printer services & solutions to fix the paper jam error. For any printer you have, you must have faced the error of Paper Jam, which is a common error and can be fixed easily as long as you know the process.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Fix Paper Jam Problems:

Paper Jam is when during printing the paper on which you are printing gets stuck in the printer.

Common causes for Paper Jam Error are :


  • This can happen if the paper is not correctly put in the paper tray or the paper feeder on the printer. Even if the paper fed in the turned from the edges this could lead to a Paper Jam.

  • When pulling the stuck paper in the printer, the paper gets torn and a piece gets stuck in the printer.

  • Crumpled or a non-flat piece of paper is inserted in the printer.

  • Using non recommended paper for the printer type.

  • Obstruction in the paper feeder can also lead to Paper Jam.

  • Overloading the paper feeder or tray with excessive sheets.

  • Using multiple types of paper at one time.

  • Inserting different size or thickness of papers in the printer.

  • Stopping print job half way and not removing the stuck paper completely.

  • Paper Jam Problems occurs due to hardware issue on the printer.


How To Fix & Clear Paper Jam on the Printer

Different printers like HP, Cannon, Epson, Samsung etc. have different procedures to remove jammed paper from the printer.


Make sure you read the instructions manual of the desired printer to remove Paper Jam.</em


Pulling or using force while removing a Paper Jam on your printer can cause damage to your printer.


It’s advisable not to use any force to do so.


Once you receive a Paper Jam error on your printer make sure you pause or stop any existing jobs assigned to the printer.


As per instructions provided on the printer manual open the main printer door as instructed in the printer manual.


This gives easy access to the printer inks and printer’s internal paper supply path.


Check where the paper is stuck in the printer and gently try to pull the paper from the area its stuck.


If any torn peace of paper is stuck use a tweezer or gently with your hands remove the stuck peace of paper from the printer.


Once all of the paper sheet is removed check if any obstruction is there which is preventing the paper to flow easily through the printer.


After removing the stuck paper close the printer door tightly and make sure its properly closed as you will hear a click sound once the printer door is securely closed.


Some printers may require a screw driver to access the paper path of the printer.


Upon removing the stuck paper make sure that the printer is closed properly and all the removed screws are fastened tightly.


Doing all of the above steps should clear the Paper Jam Error on your printer.


Print a test page on your printer to ensure smooth flow of the paper.


Take all the precautions mentioned above before inserting paper into the printer.


If the issue still persists give us a call on our Toll-Free Number 18009370172 to get the issue resolved online by our printer experts.



You can also chat with us at Printer Support page and get the issue resolved or can schedule a call back at a time convenient to you.


Our patient, polite and courteous executives are specially trained to handle such issues online and provide with a speedy resolution.


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