How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi?

Connect Canon Printer To Wifi
 Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

Are you stuck in connecting the Canon printer to Wifi? Spent hours looking for the connection guide? Do not be confused and worried. Just read the article, this will guide you about the connect canon printer to wifi

A Canon wireless printer setup follows certain conventions, it is not a plug and print arrangement. This is endemic to all printers not simply from Canon, a set of guidelines should be followed to interface with remote printers.

As a customer, Canon is the first choice for me because it is so easy to print and you just need to give the command to your compute. It prints perfectly without any error. With lots of advantages, sometimes people get the problem with canon wireless printer setup or wifi connection. Go through the guide below to know how to set up and how to prevent Canon printer errors.

Using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup function or the standard link process on the control panel of the printer, the printer can be linked to Wi-Fi. The functionality of WPS allows the fast and simple wireless link. In turn, the WPS technique can be conducted using either the PIN or the Push Button technique and resolves how the canon printer can be connected to wifi.

With the help of these easy to execute steps, you will be quickly able to connect Canon printer to WiFi. Read and follow the below-mentioned instructions one after one-

  • Press long on the ‘power’ button of your Canon printer to turn it on.
  • Now, go to the ‘Settings’ button and press long on it.
  • Hit on the ‘Arrow’ catch and move towards the ‘Gadget Settings’ area and click on ‘OK’.
  • Press long the ‘Arrow’ button to open the ‘LAN Settings’. 
  • Once the ‘LAN Settings’ tab is open, click on ‘OK’.
  • Again press long on ‘Arrow’ catch to open the ‘Remote LAN Settings’.
  • When it opens, click on ‘alright’. Your Canon printer will begin searching for the introduced Wi-fi organize if the light flickers it implies the Wi-fi arrange has been found. 
  • On the off chance that if the cycle to bring Wi-fi association takes an excess of time, click on the ‘Stop’ catch and you will be diverted to the ‘Remote LAN Settings’ once more. 
  • Go ahead ‘alright’ and ‘press long on the ‘Bolt’ button, you will discover the Wi-fi organize soon. 
  • In the wake of getting the Wi-fi to organize, enter the ‘WPS Password’ and snap-on ‘OK’

If you have entered a correct password, the printer screen will show ‘Connected’.

The Canon wireless printer setup has been programmed to be easy to deal with and be user-friendly, otherwise, nobody would dare to follow connect to wireless printer instruction and instead have it pre-installed.

Hopefully, you have successfully connected your canon wireless printer setup network by now. If you are still facing the issue then you should call their technical expert. They will assist you with your problem at minimum time. Also, they have a professional and experienced team of people who are ready to help you 24/7.Contact us today +1800-937-0172

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