How to Fix Carriage Jam on Printer

Fix Carriage Jam On Printer


A carriage, which holds the ink cartridges, stalls in the printer, and sometimes displays carriage jam error messages on the control panel. The reason for the Carriage Jam on the Printer is generally a hardware issue. Where the cartridge is not placed correctly in the printer and the movement in the cartridge is obstructed.

Best Way To Fix Carriage Jam On Printer & Understand Printer’ s Cartridge Types


There are three main types of printer cartridges – the original cartridges (original equipment manufacturer or OEM cartridges), compatible cartridges, and re-manufactured cartridges.The cartridge is a cylindrical part in a printer that holds the ink and needs to be replaced with the correct part when ink levels go low in your printer.


Cartridges are model specific to the printer hence using the correct original cartridge is advisable for printer long life and good quality prints.Although in the market lot of compatible and refillable cartridges are available but there is no guarantee for these products. Its advisable to use manufacturer’s recommended original parts (OEM) for your printer as it extends the printer life.


Using OEM parts also ensures the manufacturer’s warranty on your printer.


Using compatible or refurbished cartridges may be cheaper but affect the life cycle of your printer in the long run)


This can also occur when during printing the paper gets stuck in the carriage.
The error is common in printers which use cartridges as the ink source.

These could lead to carriage jam on printer error message on the printer display.


To Fix Carriage Jam On Printer error message.


On the Printer just Open the access door of the printer.


Check if the cartridge type is the correct one for the printer.


Slide the carriage and check if it is moving properly.


Remove and re-insert the cartridge properly till its fixed in its desired place.


Once the cartridge is in its correct place you should hear a click sound while placing it, indicating that it has been placed correctly.


When replacing the cartridge make sure you read the instructions carefully.


While replacing or putting a new cartridge, make sure all kind of tape or seal on the new cartridge is to be removed before placing the new cartridge.


Remove any paper if stuck in the carriage area.


Upon re-inserting the cartridge make sure that the access door of the printer is also properly closed.


After following the above-mentioned steps, the Carriage jam on the printer error message should go away.


Print a test page on the printer to check if the printer is working fine.


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