What is the Procedure of HP Printer Installation?

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Procedure Of Hp Printer Installation

HP is a renowned Company in the world. The organization deals in different tech technological devices like printer, telephones, and different gadgets. The most requesting and selling item is its Printer. Most recent in-built innovation, improved and high performance is key highlights of HP Printers. For utilizing these contraptions establishment is a must as indicated by their item determinations. There are different courses in the installation cycle. In this blog, we will discuss about the HP printer installation.

The installation process takes approximately 30 minutes. What do you need?

  • An HP inkjet printer
  • A4 paper
  • Cartridges
  • A computer or laptop

Prepare the printer

Before you start introducing your HP printer, your printer must be unloaded, associated, and free from any protective material. You can do this as follows:

  • Unpack your HP printer.
  • Plugin the power cord to power the printer.
  • Add a stack of paper.

Install the cartridges-

Installing the cartridges is pretty simple, however it must be done appropriately. To start with, lift the top front of the printer. Utilize the handles as an afterthought to lift it up. Eliminate the cartridges from the bundling and ensure you have the correct shading in the perfect spot. The color is determined on the cartridge. Eliminate the (orange) sticker from the cartridge and tenderly drive the cartridge into the holder until you hear a tick. Keep in mind that the label must face upwards. Close the cover when you’ve inserted all the cartridges. Contact the HP support phone number  18009370172 for more information.

Choose a connection method-

  • Connect through Wifi

Go to the WiFi symbol on your printer and to ‘Settings’. Select the Wireless Installation Wizard and adhere to the on-screen guidelines. Interfacing your printer can take up to a minute.

Your printer can print a short guide if it doesn’t work after this step. To do this, press the WiFi icon and then “Settings”. Select “Get started”.

  • Connect through a USB cable-

If you like to associate the printer directly to your PC or laptop without utilizing the web, you can utilize a USB link. Plug the standard, level USB connector (USB-An) into your PC or laptop, and fitting the square USB connector (USB-B) into your printer.

Download the software on your laptop or PC

You’ve connected your printer. Now, we’ll ensure that your computer can control the printer. Download the HP Smart app or download the basic desktop software so that you can easily do the HP printer installation.

Printer installation

Your drivers are now installed on your computer. f you haven’t connected the printer to WiFi, then look up your WiFi code or grab a network cable. After this step, the computer will connect to your printer. Your printer connects to WiFi and the installation is ready. You can start printing.

So, this how you can easily install the HP printer. If you have still a problem in installation then call the HP support phone number 18009370172. They will solve all problems related to the HP printer.

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